Mazaricos Cutchin: I stopped complaining and let myself go.

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Hey there Whenever it comes to posting a personals add I'll be the first to admit that I'm never quite sure of what I should put about myself because I've been noticing that we seem to live in a society where everybody is in search of different traits when searching for a significant other. Many people don't have any qualms with trying to reach out and get to know someone that may be different from them self, are not all about things such as sex, what somebody looks like, someone's income status, or being with somebody that has every little thing in there life together because this is something that not even the best of us are perfect with, while other people seem to be quite clear about what they do and don't want in somebody else and do not generally tend to believe in not limiting them self. In many senses because of this I think alot of people can sometimes end up missing out on somebody that could have been good for them. I tend to see myself as falling more under the first category. I've always had this sort of notion that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. It may not necessarily be known right away as to why I was meant to have a conversation with someone but I do think that people do come in and out of our lives for a reason. I try to take something out of every conversation that I have with someone whether they are a very friendly and normal individual or somewhat difficult to relate to. I enjoy talking to all different types of people and would be interested in talking to singles of all ages from 0 to 99. Now obviously I doubt that I will be hearing from anybody that's in there 90's on chirrup but then again the site has been known to shock every now and then so I figured I would really open this up to anybody that felt like saying hello. I would be interested in talking to singles of all races/ backgrounds, from any walks of life, and from any geographic locations. So if you have aim and feel like talking then why not send me an I

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