Burns Cheda: All this was interesting but I needed a shower.

People call me cocky, I just say I'm confident. I'm also just being honest. I wont waste your time selling you a version of me you'll fall in love with at first view of post. I could say I'm anything you want me to be, but what really matters is this either we'll get along, or we wont. I'm not gonna bullshit you just to sound appealing. It's more fun to get to know someone gradually anyhow. At least, I think it is. SO! Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make it easy for you. What follows is a basic sketch of someone who should not respond to this ad. If most of the stuff on the list, or certain key points, applies to you... Do us both a favor and don't respond. I'm not the girl for you. You'll find someone way better suited to what you're looking for, but she isn't me. You probably shouldn't respond IF You dislike women. You dislike animals. !! You dislike children. I don't have any, fyi YOU WILL BE OLDER THAN 32 BY THE END OF 2010. I'M SURE YOU'RE INCREDIBLY HOT/RICH/WELL HUNG/WHATEVER, BUT YOU'RE TOO OLD. SORRY. You're unmotivated. You're a super Type A that doesn't know how to relax and/or is completely opposed to an occasional day/afternoon of doing absolutely nothing. You don't have some means of quasidaily contact. Email, text, phone, AIM, facebook, smoke signal... Something. You're a bonafide ass hole. It takes quite a bit for me to think this of you I can find something redeeming in almost anyone. Almost. You're only after one thing You know what I mean. Your penis is larger than your vocabulary. You're a pretentious asshole about your own likes, to where anyone who doesn't agree is clearly inept. AKA Elitists of the music, literature, career, socioeconomic status, racial, sexual, and all other varieties need not respond You and all your friends are exactly alike/try to be 'different' in exactly the same way. This applies to any and all social groups. Preppy, goth, punk, urban, activist, hipster, otaku/gamer, tree huggers, frat... Basic

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