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WOW....due to the large volume of responses I got from my initial post, I thought it would be easier to reply to everyone at once for now. To be honest I really didn't expect to get so many replies, so let me start by saying thank you to all the men who deem themselves DECENT! lol. That said, on with Chapter 2... Since CL is a public site, I'm going to be slightly vague with regards to the details of my life, but I'll do my best. I hope that made sense, if not you'll have to forgive me because it's 230 a.m. I have insomnia due to a really strong cup of coffee. Anyway, I raised 2 teenagers and yes, I'm still here to talk about it that have taught me a lot throughout the years, such as becoming bilingual... I now speak English and Text! I'm not sure if that makes me a hip mom or just immature, but I DO text the abbreviations are far more convenient! You know what they say..ask a teenager while they still know everything. Seriously though, my kids mean the world to me! They will ALWAYS be in my life because they are my life, however, they don't live with me anymore, hence the word raised. It's hard to adjust to having them gone, so I try to find things to do to fill the void. I enjoy working in the yard landscaping on my house doing home improvement type things. I'm pretty capable of doing a lot of things that most would consider man jobs I'm not the type to cry if I break a nail in the process. It will either grow back, or I'll replace it with a fake one! I guess I'm kind of a tomboy with a feminine look I enjoy traveling would like to do a lot more of it! I haven't been out of the country yet or anywhere exotic so I hope to someday find someone with the same desire. I'm goal oriented I'd like to think that someday I will have someone to share my hopes dreams with. I think communication friendship are key in a relationship. Since men women are different in their make up, it's important to learn the other persons way of communicating without shutting down. I s

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